Purchasing A New Furnace

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How To Remove The Broken Blower Motor In Your Furnace

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The blower motor in your furnace powers a fan that helps circulate air through both the HVAC unit and your home. If the motor goes out, your furnace will likely stop working. You will need to work through some troubleshooting to make sure the motor is the problem. But if you have narrowed the cause down to the motor, the replacement process only requires a few tools essential tools and some time. Read More»

How To Test The Capacitors On An HVAC With A Stalling Compressor

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An air conditioning compressor requires a steady stream of electricity to keep the motor running. If the electrical current should interrupt somehow, the compressor will shut off prematurely, and your system won’t receive the necessary refrigerant fuel that provides the cooling. When a compressor suddenly stops working, the problem might trace back to the capacitors. HVAC units usually have a run capacitor that can give the operating compressor a small boost if the electricity lags. Read More»

How to Remove the Draft Inducer on a Furnace That Starts Then Quickly Stops

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The draft inducer motor on a furnace helps promote the vital air circulation that keeps the combustion and heating processes operating properly. If the motor breaks, your unit will likely start rapid cycling. Replacing the draft inducer motor doesn’t take a lot of advanced knowledge but does take some time and effort. The first hurdle is getting the old draft inducer out of the furnace. If you have questions or qualms during the process, call a heating and cooling services company or appliance repairs service for help. Read More»

How to Install a New Blower Motor into a Prepped Furnace

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The furnace blower motor ensures the motorized fan can promote air circulation that keeps the unit working properly to heat your home. A breaking or broken motor can cause your furnace to behave erratically, lose efficiency, and then finally stop working. You should narrow the problem to ensure you don’t instead have a broken capacitor or another such problem, but you can then settle on the motor being the issue. Read More»