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3 Common Furnace Problems And Ways To Fix Them

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No matter what type of furnace is equipped to your home, at some point, it will stop working correctly. This shouldn't cause you to panic, though. When you know about these common issues and solutions for them, you can keep your furnace working at an optimal rate. 

Dirty Air Filter 

Since the air filter is designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering your heating system, it tends to get dirty. When it gets too dirty -- though -- it can no longer fulfill its assigned role. Fortunately, addressing a dirty air filter is not a problem -- even if you don't know a lot about furnace systems.

What you'll need to do is locate the filter housing unit and take out the old filter. Look on the side and see what dimensions it has. Then, you'll need to purchase a new filter with the exact same dimensions. Repeat these steps every other month to prevent your furnace from working harder than it has to.

Faulty Burner 

The burner is one of the more important components of your furnace, as it's what heats air that is then forced into your home. When this burner will no longer light, you need to contact an HVAC repair technician immediately.

They'll look at the internal workings of your furnace to find the culprit to this faulty burner. The solution could be as simple as cleaning the burner. If the technician does recommend a burner replacement, they'll let you know about the costs well in advance to help you plan financially.

Malfunctioning Thermostat 

Sometimes your furnace may be in perfect condition, but the thermostat isn't sending a signal for it to turn on. This can be a frustrating issue, and like a faulty burner, should always be looked at by a competent professional. That's because electrical wiring is involved with this inspection.

When a licensed technician arrives to your property, they'll run the thermostat through a series of tests. First, they'll make sure it was wired correctly. This problem is actually pretty common, especially when homeowners decide to set up the thermostat themselves. They can also check the malfunctioning thermostat for blown fuses. If the thermostat isn't salvageable, they can install a new one with your consent.

Furnace issues aren't ideal, but at some point, you'll have to address them as a homeowner. Fortunately, as long as you have a plan in place and utilize a professional heating service when appropriate, no furnace issue will be too big to solve.