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Three Reasons To Get A Propane Generator Before A Big Storm

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If you know that a big storm system is coming but you do not have to evacuate, you will still need to prepare. If you will be inside of your home for some time and not be able to drive during the heavy rains, you should prepare your entire house so that it is comfortable. The first thing that you will need to do is purchase enough food to last until the storm system is supposed to move through. Checking the roof and walls to make sure that there are no leaks is also necessary. If you are concerned about possible leaks, adding a tarp to the top of the home is a good idea. The last item of business that you should take care of is finding a propane generator. Here are three reasons to get a propane generator before a big storm. 

Propane tanks can get wet

Having an electrical generator is not the best idea in a storm. These can short circuit if they get wet or stop working altogether. A propane tank can easily take rainwater hitting it. Large propane tanks do not have to be covered from rain so they can often keep running long term. With a propane generator, you can set up the generator itself underneath a covered space but not have to worry about the propane tank. This can keep it running throughout the storm. 

Propane can be stored forever

Propane is unlike other materials in that you do not have to worry about it going bad. If you purchase several small propane tanks throughout the wet season in preparation for a storm, they can sit inside of your shed or even in your backyard without any problems. If you do not need the propane for the generator for many stormy seasons, it will be perfectly fine to use years down the line. 

You can take the generator anywhere and keep it running

During the stormy season, if things get too bad, you may consider leaving town with your family. This could be to the home of a relative or even to a campsite or cabin that is on higher ground. In the event this happens, you can take your propane generator with you without a problem. Propane generators are perfect to run off the grid, so even if you are in an area without electricity that is many miles from any gas stations, your propane generator will keep you hooked up to necessary power.