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How To Maximize Your Furnace Efficiency

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Unhampered airflow is obviously one of the most important things when it comes to the efficiency of your heating. Furnaces work by burning fuel to heat up the air, and then using large fans to circulate that air through your duct system. So, if the airflow is insufficient, then the furnace will struggle to heat up your home evenly. This article explains how to maximize your furnace's airflow.

Furnace Airflow

A typical furnace has air flowing in from the bottom and air flowing out from the top. It flows in from the bottom, through the air-return duct, which comes directly from the inside of your house. If this airflow is not strong, then the furnace will need to work harder in order to recirculate that air back into your home. If your air-return filter is dirty, it can definitely slow down this airflow. So, check your filter condition, and replace it if it is dirty.

On top of your furnace is a small box called the plenum, which houses the evaporator. This is where the heated air exits the furnace and enters the duct system. During the summer, if you have AC, this evaporator could create dust buildup. Dust buildup between the furnace and the plenum can definitely reduce air flow. So, it is best if you actually remove the access door to the plenum and vacuum out any dust.

Cleaning the Blower

You should also do this with the main furnace cabinet, which houses the blower. When it comes to working on the blower, you just want to make sure that you shut down the electricity so there is no risk of the large fan turning on while you are working inside it. You should check the fan to make sure the stem is stable and tight. You don't want your fan to be spinning unevenly, and you don't want your fan blades to be loose on the motor stand. You can also vacuum the motor to remove any dust that could be stuck to the bearing lubrication.

Finally, you can wipe down the fan blades and clean out the entire compartment for good measure. The last thing you should do is make sure your air registers are clean and open. With better airflow, you can enjoy more efficient heating, saving money and making sure that you don't have to prematurely replace your furnace.

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