Purchasing A New Furnace

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2 Mistakes That Could Cause Damage to Your Central A/C Unit in Winter

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Once the weather turns colder, your priority probably shifts from keeping your house cool to kicking on the heat to warm it up inside. As a result, you may be focused on getting the heater ready and forget about the central A/C unit sitting outside, thinking that you simply need to switch the thermostat to the heat setting. However, the unit needs to be prepared for the winter weather, and if you make the following mistakes, those mistakes could cause damage to your air conditioner. Read More»

Furnace Causing You Problems? It Could Be Due To These Issues

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Of all the heating methods available, gas furnaces are very common to use for offices and commercial spaces. However, these appliances can run into problems after years of use. Here are some issues you may run into with your business’s gas furnace. Electrical Issues Nobody wants to deal with a furnace that doesn’t produce heat, but it is a reality you will one day have to deal with as a business owner. Read More»

Four Signs Your Electric Wiring May Be Unsafe

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Electricity enables you to enjoy lights, use your coffee maker, heat your home, and more. But while it is a nice convenience, it also comes with a few risks — that of fire and shock — particularly when your wiring is old or poorly maintained. You can prevent fires and shocks by remaining on the lookout for signs of electrical problems before they get too serious. Here are four such warning signs that your electrical wiring may be unsafe. Read More»

Why Does Home Air Quality Matter So Much?

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When it comes to taking care of your home, you want your family to breathe only the best air. Air quality indoors is determined by a few factors, but the outside air alone isn’t enough to help determine just how healthy your interior air actually is. In reality, the HVAC system or cooling and heating system you have in your house will largely affect whether your home has clean air or if the air quality needs some certain improvements. Read More»

Are Your Refrigerant Lines Iced Over Or Covered With Condensation?

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If your outdoor refrigerant lines are icy or dripping with condensation, call an air conditioning technician now. Your coolant lines could have some serious issues to repair. If you don’t fix your lines soon, it could affect your air conditioning system later. Learn how ice and condensation forms on refrigerant lines and the solutions for it below. What’s Going On With Your Coolant Lines? Your cooling system should feature two distinct copper-colored refrigerant lines or pipes. Read More»

Need To Save On Air Conditioning? 3 Summertime Tips

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Summertime heat can take quite a toll on your monthly power bill, especially if you like the cool, crisp feeling of air conditioning. Although it can seem difficult to control costs when the sun is glaring, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot you can do to curb your spending. Here are three summertime tips for lowering your monthly air conditioning bill during the summer.  1.    Block Out Vacation Dates Read More»

Air Conditioning Repair Or Air Conditioning Replacement? 4 Questions To Help You Decide

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Once again, your not-so-trusty old air conditioner has decided to let you down and leave you sweltering in your home. As you’ve done so many times in the past, you reach for your phone to call the AC repair tech — but then you stop to wonder whether it might more sense to just replace the unit entirely. Here are four helpful questions that you can ask yourself to help you make a wise choice one way or the other. Read More»

Signs That It Is Time To Install A New Air Conditioner Instead Of Repairing The Old One

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As your air conditioning system gets older, the normal wear and tear can lead to more expensive repairs. Even when you have a system that is well maintained, it is not going to last forever. Once your system is more than ten years old and begins to break down more frequently, it’s time to think about a new air conditioning installation. Your air conditioning becomes outdated over time, and the repairs to your system will soon cost more than installing a new system. Read More»

3 Common Furnace Problems And Ways To Fix Them

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No matter what type of furnace is equipped to your home, at some point, it will stop working correctly. This shouldn’t cause you to panic, though. When you know about these common issues and solutions for them, you can keep your furnace working at an optimal rate.  Dirty Air Filter  Since the air filter is designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering your heating system, it tends to get dirty. Read More»