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Furnace Causing You Problems? It Could Be Due To These Issues

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Of all the heating methods available, gas furnaces are very common to use for offices and commercial spaces. However, these appliances can run into problems after years of use. Here are some issues you may run into with your business's gas furnace.

Electrical Issues

Nobody wants to deal with a furnace that doesn't produce heat, but it is a reality you will one day have to deal with as a business owner. You should start by checking the thermostat to make sure that there are no issues with a schedule that has not been set correctly, or even a problem as simple as low batteries in the unit. You'll then want to check the fuse box to see if any circuit has been tripped going to the furnace, which can easily prevent the blower motor from spinning.

Pilot Light Issues

Your furnace also needs a steady supply of gas running to the unit so that it can ignite. You will want to check that the pilot light is still lit so that the necessary combustion can happen inside the unit to get the heat flowing. If the furnace's pilot light is not on, this could be due to a few key problems with the furnace. Make sure that it is lit before attempting to turn the furnace back on.

Thermocouple Issues

The furnace's thermocouple may need replacement. The role of the thermocouple is to sense if the furnace's pilot light is on by using a rod that is designed to detect the heat. If the thermocouple has broken, it is not going to be able to relay to the rest of the furnace that the pilot light is lit. The gas is going to shut down to prevent it from leaking into your business. Replacing a thermocouple is a difficult task that may require the help of a commercial HVAC contractor to repair.

Noise Issues

Your furnace is not supposed to make much noise while it is running, so be aware of any odd noises that it has not made in the past. Damaged bearings can be enough to cause squealing noises from inside the furnace, and a dirty gas burner can cause a low rumbling sound in the unit. It is worth having the furnace inspected to ensure that these early warning signs of a furnace breaking down are identified and repaired. Letting problems go unchecked can cause the furnace to break down when you need heat the most.