Purchasing A New Furnace

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The Perks And Fallbacks Of Window Air Conditioners

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Window air conditioner units are extremely popular and can be useful in small properties. But, they do have some serious limitations that you need to know about before making any investment. This article looks at window AC units, examining their main drawbacks and advantages. Convenient and Affordable The convenience and price of window AC units is perhaps their best feature. They are cheap and easy to find any home improvement store. Read More»

How To Maintain Gas Furnaces For Longevity And Efficiency

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Having a gas furnace is nice because it can be used with central home heating, and it helps you reduce costs because of its efficient design. For it to work properly during crucial winter months, though, you need to maintain it properly.  Create a Safe Environment First Before inspecting any parts and messing with systems, you must first create a safe working environment. That’s because gas appliances, such as your furnace, can strike at any time. Read More»

What's Wrong With The AC? 3 Signs Your Compressor Is About To Fail You

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If you’re like most people, you wait until the very last minute to take care of problems, especially if you’re worried that the repairs are going to be costly. Unfortunately, waiting too long to take care of a problem can often lead to total malfunction, not to mention steeper repair costs. If the problem is related to your air conditioner, waiting until the problem has caused a total malfunction could leave you without cool air for a few days. Read More»

How To Check And Fix Your Condenser Hose

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Reducing the cost of your energy bills can be tricky. Many homeowners try to reduce their dependence on their furnace or air conditioner by running them less. As a result, the home is less comfortable. There’s a good chance that you could do a few simple maintenance tasks that could solve your problem, and you can still run your heat or AC as often as you used to. The great thing about these DIY projects is that you don’t need to be an HVAC expert and you don’t need any expensive tools or supplies. Read More»

Central Air On The Fritz? How To Stay Cool & Safe While Awaiting Repairs

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The invention of central air conditioning has made it possible for most Americans to stay cool and comfortable during even the worst heat waves. With most homes, cars, offices, and factories now cooled by some form of central air conditioning, having to go without if for a few hours or days while awaiting repairs to faulty components can be devastating. Even worse, for some people who suffer from certain illnesses or conditions, the prospect of dealing with hot temperatures during an air conditioning failure can cause severe discomfort, or even death. Read More»