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How To Maintain Gas Furnaces For Longevity And Efficiency

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Having a gas furnace is nice because it can be used with central home heating, and it helps you reduce costs because of its efficient design. For it to work properly during crucial winter months, though, you need to maintain it properly. 

Create a Safe Environment First

Before inspecting any parts and messing with systems, you must first create a safe working environment. That's because gas appliances, such as your furnace, can strike at any time. You must first always make sure your gas furnace is turned off. 

Also, pay particular attention to gas leaks. They are extremely dangerous and should be identified and fixed immediately. Gas usually leaks around the furnace's joints and valves. If any of these parts are damaged or have become worn, it's best to have them replaced by HVAC contractors. It's also a good idea to set up a carbon monoxide detector near the furnace. So if you don't smell any gas, the alarm stills goes off if dangerous gases are detected in the area.

Clean the Vents

The dirtier your air vents are in the house, the harder your gas furnace has to work. Not only does this mean expensive heating bills, it could affect the quality of air for the entire family. Make a point to have these vents cleaned multiple times each year, which can be done safely when you hire HVAC contractors.

They'll bring compact vacuums that can reach the inner parts of these airways, getting rid of dirt, dust and other debris. Every surface is cleaned in a safe, efficient manner. They can even recommend tips for keeping your vents clean, such as regularly cleaning the vent cover grills with a vacuum. 

Inspect the Thermostat

Sometimes your gas furnace works perfectly. Instead, it's the thermostat that malfunctions and causes all sorts of problems. You'll know your thermostat is on the fritz if your household experiences constant temperature fluctuations. Or, the thermostat may read very high because the engine is constantly overheating.

In either case, you should contact an HVAC contractor to replace the faulty thermostat. They know how to re-wire the new model in a safe manner. They'll also give you the option of upgrading to newer and more efficient thermostats.

When the temperatures start dropping, you need a working gas furnace to get you by. Make sure it's ready to tackle the cold by maintaining integral parts and having it serviced regularly. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.magnoliaplumbing.com/