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What's Wrong With The AC? 3 Signs Your Compressor Is About To Fail You

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If you're like most people, you wait until the very last minute to take care of problems, especially if you're worried that the repairs are going to be costly. Unfortunately, waiting too long to take care of a problem can often lead to total malfunction, not to mention steeper repair costs. If the problem is related to your air conditioner, waiting until the problem has caused a total malfunction could leave you without cool air for a few days. The wait could be even longer if your repair technician is booked solid, or they need to order the parts. One part that can lead to a total malfunction is the compressor on your AC. When it finally gives out, your AC won't be doing anything until the compressor is replaced. Luckily, compressors usually give you some advance warning before they finally break down and stop working. Don't get stuck in a heated situation. Call your HVAC repair technician if you notice any of the problems described below.

Your AC Unit Shakes During Operation

Your AC should never shake. If it is, that's a good indication that your compressor is about to go out on you. The shaking is caused by two things. First, the motor mounts that hold the compressor in place have broken. Second, when the motor mounts broke, they caused the motor inside the compressor to come loose from it's housing. This combination of events is causing the entire compressor to shake and vibrate, which is also causing your entire air conditioner to shake during operation. If your AC is shaking, you need to call for repairs.

You Hear Clicking During Start-Up

When your AC starts up, there's an electrical relay switch that triggers the compressor. Once the compressor receives the burst of electricity from the relay, your AC will start right up. If the electrical relay switch isn't working properly, or it's about to go out, it will give you a warning. This warning usually comes in the way of a clicking or ticking sound at start up. If you're hearing this clicking or ticking sound, you need to have your AC checked out as soon as possible.

You Can't Get a Consistent Flow of Cold Air

When the compressor is on its last legs, it will start overheating, which will cause it to cycle off and on. When that happens, you'll no longer have a consistent flow of cold air through your vents. If you're noticing that the cold air is coming and going, your compressor is about to fail you. Don't wait until your compressor gives out permanently. Call and schedule a service appointment, such as with D & R Service Inc, before your AC breaks down for good.