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The Perks And Fallbacks Of Window Air Conditioners

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Window air conditioner units are extremely popular and can be useful in small properties. But, they do have some serious limitations that you need to know about before making any investment. This article looks at window AC units, examining their main drawbacks and advantages.

Convenient and Affordable

The convenience and price of window AC units is perhaps their best feature. They are cheap and easy to find any home improvement store. When you buy a window AC unit, you can take it directly home and install it within a matter of hours. All you need is a vertically sliding window and a power outlet. Since these units run solely on electricity, they are very easy to install. Also, the units can be mounted within just about any sliding window without any screws. They sit directly on the window sill and come with special brackets to keep it secure once the movable top sash is closed on top of it.

Limited Efficiency

Ultimately, window AC units are not the most energy efficient in, unless it is a small room. They have very limited range, meaning that they aren't always practical. Since they only use electricity, they are very energy efficient, especially if you need to have several running at once to cool down multiple rooms. Many homeowners still need to use fans to help circulate the air throughout their rooms. Together, all this electricity can add up. If you have a room with three or four bedrooms and multiple stories, it is going to be much more efficient to condition the air if you have a central AC system instead of several window units.

Central AC Has Better Filtering

The filtering system in central AC is also far superior to that in a window unit. There are multiple filter points, so they work much more effectively. Most window air conditioners do have HEPA filters, but they are really only effective in small rooms.

Obviously, the initial cost of installing a central air conditioning system is going to dwarf the cost of installing a few window units. But, when you think of the long-term money saving that central AC offers, it is going to be the smarter choice. If you plan on living at your home for many years, you should think of about investing in a central AC system. Window air conditioners are only energy efficient in single rooms and small studio apartments. If you only need one unit to cool your home, a window unit is going to be a very efficient solution.

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