Purchasing A New Furnace

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What To Do If Your Furnace Stops Working In The Middle Of The Winter

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If you are worried about your furnace possibly breaking in the middle of an ice cold winter, you will want to spend some time reading through the information found here. This way, should something break down within your heating system, you will know exactly what to do and you will not have to waste any time. Flip The Furnace Breaker Into The Off Position If you notice that your furnace is no longer producing heat throughout your home, you will want to turn it off at the thermostat and then flip its breaker into the off position. Read More»

Four Benefits To Ductless Air Conditioning

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You have a lot of options when it comes to your home’s air conditioning system: central air, window units, or even a swamp cooler. One type of air conditioning installation that is making the rounds recently is ductless air conditioning, called such because every install is located within a single room with no ductwork throughout the house itself. This makes it a super convenient choice if you don’t have a big house to cool or you would prefer to only heat certain rooms at certain times. Read More»

Services Electricians Often Provide for Their Clients

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Electricians will often be called upon to address a wide range of potential problems that their customers and clients might encounter. Whether it is for residential or commercial clients, these contractors can provide effective support for the problems that their buildings might encounter. Dimming Lights A common complaint that individuals may have with their buildings will be noticing that the lights dim when major appliances are used or at seemingly random times. Read More»

Central Air Conditioner Installation & How It Functions

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Do you believe that a central air conditioning system is an expensive investment that is unnecessary because a portable fan can serve the same purpose? If you have to run one or more fans all day just to achieve a temperature that can be coped with, you are not only running up energy costs, but the air is not likely as cold as you desire it to be. The worst thing about using portable fans is that they don’t actually produce any cold air but circulate warm air that is already in the house. Read More»

Does Your AC Unit Run R-22? You Might Need To Have A New One Installed

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In most cases, if your air conditioner springs a refrigerant leak, or otherwise loses refrigerant, you can call in an AC repair service. They can come “recharge” the air conditioner and also seal the leak so that the unit does not lose refrigerant again. However, recharging an air conditioner is not always possible anymore. In 2020, a refrigerant called R-22 was phased out completely, which means you can no longer recharge an air conditioner that runs this refrigerant. Read More»

Converting An Older Home To Central Heat And Air? Helpful Furnace Installation Tips

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While becoming rarer, there are still many older, occupied, or for-sale homes that do not have central heating and air conditioning. These homes were typically built a half-century or more ago when centralized HVAC systems were either not commonly available or prohibitively expensive.  The oldest among these homes often used radiant heat of some type, such as wood stoves and fireplaces, or gas heaters, oil wall heaters, or free-standing heaters that included the ability to circulate the warmed air via an attached fan system. Read More»

When Is The Best Time To Get Your Central AC System Replaced And Why?

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As springtime comes around, it is a good time to start preparing your home for summer, and one thing you might need to think about if your central air conditioning system. If your system is really old and was acting up a lot last year, now might be a good time to consider having it examined and evaluated for a replacement. Replacing an HVAC system is something you will eventually need to do in any home, and here are some things to know about timing the replacement. Read More»