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Furnace Problems That Can Be Frustrating But Simple To Repair During Winter Storms

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The furnace that provides your home with heating during the winter months can suffer from problems when you need it most. During winter storms, it can be frustrating to deal with issues that cause your heating to not work as it should. The following furnace problems often have simple solutions when you need your heating the most during winter weather:

Airflow and blower problems with furnaces

The air handler and blower of your system is one of the first areas where you may have problems with your heating during storms. The blower and air handler are connected directly to the furnace, and some of the problems you may want to check for include the following:

  • Debris and dust buildup blocking airflow
  • Issues with damage to the blower that needs repairs
  • Problems with adjusting the dampers for heating and zoned HVAC
  • Issues with air leaks and problems with air handlers

These air handler and blower problems may need to be repaired to get your furnace working again when you need it during winter storms.

Furnace burner problems that cause failures

The furnace is going to be working harder than ever to keep your home warm during the winter months. This can cause issues with the pilot light and heating element that provides the energy needed to heat your home. But the issues with your pilot light or furnace heating element could be caused by the following: 

  • Issues with failing pilot lights that need to be replaced
  • Worn heating elements that are damaged and need repairs
  • Problems with ignitors and burner controls that need to be replaced

These are some of the issues that you may have with your furnace's pilot light and heating element. You may need help with repairing these problems to get your heating back on during winter weather.

Issues with thermostats and furnace controls

There are also issues with thermostats you will want to be aware of during the winter months. Sometimes, these problems can be more than just an issue with the thermostat needing batteries. Some of the issues with thermostats and furnace controls that you may need to deal with include the following:

  • Thermostats not being correctly programed for heating
  • Issues with furnace control  units not working properly to provide heat
  • Problems with thermostats and the furnace not being calibrated

You need to check these issues with your furnace if you know the problem is more than just a thermostat problem.

Power problems that affect furnaces during winter storms

Sometimes, the winter storms that cause the power to go out also cause your heating to go out. Therefore, your furnace problems may have to be due to your home's electrical systems or your furnace's electrical wiring. The issues that you will want to check when your system does not have power include the following:

  • Circuit breaker being tripped
  • Damaged electrical circuits in the furnace
  • Safety switches being tripped due to power surges

These issues could cause your furnace to not get power and your heating to not turn on after winter storms.

These are some of the furnace problems that often have simple solutions if you are having trouble with your heating. Call a heating repair service like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc for help dealing with these problems when you need to get your heat back on during winter storms.