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Is Now The Right Time To Upgrade Your HVAC System? 3 Points To Consider

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Dependable heating and cooling equipment is something that most homeowners strive to provide for their families. Like any other type of machine, however, HVAC components experience aging and condition issues that can cause them to become less dependable.

As homeowners observe these conditions affecting their heating and cooling systems, they may begin to wonder if the time is right to replace their current system with a new one. If you are a homeowner who is currently questioning the dependability of your existing HVAC system, this information can help guide your decision. 

Do you have concerns about energy efficiency? 

With natural gas, propane, heating oil, and electricity providers all predicting sharp increases in their products for the coming heating season, many homeowners have real concerns about the energy efficiency of their current HVAC system. In many cases, homeowners who are using a furnace that is approaching the end of its expected lifespan are likely to experience a reduction in energy usage by installing a new HVAC system.

While the initial cost to install a new system is a considerable one for most households, much of the cost is often able to be recouped in the form of noticeably lower monthly energy bills. Homeowners interested in replacing their current system to reduce their overall home energy costs can get much more detailed information by contacting a local Trane dealer.  

Does someone in your home struggle with health issues? 

Households that include someone who struggles with health issues that would be worsened by a loss of heat or air conditioning may find it best to replace their current HVAC system well before the end of its lifespan. Taking time to look at the number of HVAC repair issues suffered in the past 12-24 months will help homeowners understand whether or not they should decide to move forward now with the installation of a new heating and cooling system. 

Does someone in your home experience frequent allergy symptoms? 

If the household includes one or more family members who suffer allergy symptoms, it may be time to consider the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system. Many older heating and cooling units are not outfitted with filtration options capable of removing many common environmental irritants, including pollen, dust, and pet dander. New HVAC systems can now be purchased that offer high levels of filtration to ensure that heated and cooled air inside the living areas of the home contains fewer allergens.

Homeowners who still have concerns about their current heating and cooling system should consider meeting with a reputable HVAC dealer, such as an authorized Trane dealer, to get additional information or schedule the installation of a new HVAC system.