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4 Instances When You Need Professional Plumbing Services

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If you're a homeowner, you'll probably need to have plumbing services every once in a while to keep your drains flowing and your pipes from leaking. You might also need plumbing services when you renovate your kitchen or install a new toilet. Here's a look at instances where you might need help from a plumber rather than working on the plumbing yourself.

1. When Your Sewer Is Backed up

A clogged sewer line can turn into a catastrophe since you're dealing with toxic waste. Plus, commercial equipment might be needed to bust the clog, and if not used properly, the equipment might damage your drain.

A hydro jet is often used to unclog a sewer line. This equipment creates dangerous water pressure. Even a plumber has to wear safety equipment when using a hydro jet. Cleaning out a blocked sewer is one of the plumbing services you'll probably need professional help with.

2. When You Have A Slab Leak

You'll probably need a plumber to help with any kind of leaking pipe, but a slab leak is even more difficult to repair yourself. When a pipe is hidden under the slab, you don't know where the leak is unless you can use leak detection equipment.

Plus, the slab may need to be busted up to reach the pipe, which is hard work that might cause more damage to the pipe. A plumber might even be able to use a pipe liner to fix the problem, but you won't be able to put in a liner yourself since you don't have access to all the equipment that's needed.

3. When You Want To Install A Kitchen Island

It's a good idea to hire a plumber any time you need to add to your current pipes and drains or move your old plumbing to a new place. Local codes may even require that work involving pipes and drains is done by a licensed plumber.

This keeps you from doing things that might have unintended consequences for your plumbing, and it also ensures the work is done up to code since a plumber's renovation work has to be inspected by the city.

4. When Your Water Main Is Leaking

A leaky water main can be serious, especially if the leak is very big. You can't shut off the water to stop a water main leak since the leak is between your water meter and the water main valve. You'll need your city or a plumber to shut off the water meter so the leak stops and repairs can be done. However, that leaves you without water, so you'll need to find the leak and patch it as soon as possible.

Repairing a water main can be tricky since the pipe is under the ground, and it may even be under a sidewalk or driveway. A plumber can pinpoint the location of the leak and dig up the pipe or patch the leak with a pipe liner.

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