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3 Important Steps To Properly Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

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Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your air conditioning working throughout the hottest days of the summer. The good news is, keeping up with the maintenance requirements of your cooling system can be much easier than you think. In fact, keeping your AC running smoothly will typically take just three simple steps. 

1. Make Sure You Are Cleaning Or Replacing Your Air Filter Regularly

Airflow is king when it comes to residential cooling systems. If your air conditioner is not able to maintain proper airflow, you will inevitably run into a whole host of problems ranging from an AC system that is blowing warm air to an air conditioner that doesn't blow any air at all. 

In order to keep air flowing through your cooling system, you will need to ensure that the air intake filter is either cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Failing to complete this step will result in the filter becoming clogged and the airflow being restricted. 

How often your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced will depend upon the type of filter you use, as well as how much dust and debris is found in your home's air supply. As a good rule of thumb, you should check the filter each month. If you find that you are no longer able to see through the filter easily, it is time to clean or replace it. 

2. Keep Your Outdoor Condenser Free From Debris

Your outdoor condenser also plays a crucial role in producing the cool air that is used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. If this part of your cooling system becomes clogged with dirt or other debris, it can cause your cooling coils to freeze over.  This ultimately results in the need for system repairs.

To ensure that your condenser remains free from debris you will want to take the time to pull any weeds or long grass from around the unit any time that they become overgrown. You will also need to use a standard garden hose to wash off the unit approximately once every month or so. Just be sure to avoid the use of pressurized hose attachments as high water pressure can cause damage to the protective fins surrounding your condenser. 

3. Have Your Air Conditioner Professionally Serviced Annually 

While your air conditioning system should be in pretty good shape if you have successfully completed the two steps above, you will still want to ensure that you make use of a professional maintenance service at least once a year. In most cases, it is recommended that you utilize these air conditioning maintenance services right before the start of the cooling season in order to ensure your system is ready for the increased demand that the summer months are sure to put on it. 

In addition to checking your system for any signs of wear and tear that could result in the need for repairs, you can also expect your maintenance contractor to thoroughly clean the system as part of this maintenance step. This deep cleaning will eliminate any debris that has made it past your air filter, ensure your system is functioning as efficiently as possible, and improve the overall air quality within your home. Contact an air conditioning maintenance service for more information.