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3 Types Of HVAC Maintenance To Have Done In The Winter

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It is very important that you make sure your HVAC system is in good, working order before you turn on your heat for the cold winter months. This article will discuss 3 types of HVAC services to have done in the winter. 

Check Your Blower Belts 

One part of your HVAC system that you are going to need to keep in proper working order at your blower belts. These belts are responsible for powering the air through the furnace, into the air ducts, and out into your home. If there is a problem with one or more of these belts, your heated air flow is going to be greatly decreased. This can cause the heat that is spread throughout your home to be greatly reduced, which is obviously going to be a big problem in the middle of the winter. An HVAC contractor is going to be able to replace or repair any issues with your belts, thus restoring your system to optimum working conditions. 

Check For Gas or Propane Leaks 

A very dangerous thing that you are going to want to have taken care of before you start running your heating system for the winter is to check for gas or propane leaks. Leaks of this nature can be deadly for you and your family, so it is going to be crucial to ensure that your HVAC contractor tests and then repairs any issues that your heating system may have. You can even have them install a carbon monoxide alarm for you, so that you are alerted if there is ever a problem with the gas or propane leaking in your home.

Evaluate And Clean Ducts 

Another part of your HVAC system that you will want to have looked at are your vent ducts. If these ducts are full of dust, debris, and other materials, they are going to block the flow of the heated air from coming through them. This can make it so that your home is not as warm as it could possibly be and it can also be dangerous if it is blocking off and backing up the air flow in the vent system. An HVAC contractor can help with this problem by inspecting all of your ducts and see if there is anything stuck inside of them. If so, they will remove anything that is and will do a routine cleaning on all of them so that a clog or blockage is less likely to ever form.