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Tips To Help Fix Noises Caused By An Oversized Blower

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An air blower is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning system because it ensures that there is adequate airflow in the system. It helps ensure efficient heat exchange between the refrigerant and the air flowing over the coils, while also preventing performance-reducing complications such as coil frosting.

However, the blower can only enhance an air conditioner's performance when it is the right fit. If the blower has way less power than what the air conditioner needs, it will starve the air conditioner of air, leading to restricted airflow. On the other hand, if the blower is too powerful for the air conditioning system, it can cause banging noises that can be very irritating. The following are tips that will help you solve this noise problem.

Increase the duct system's capacity

Banging noises usually occur because the rate at which the blower sucks air from the ducts is higher than the rate at which the ducts can replace this air. This creates a partial vacuum in the ducts. As a result, the pressure inside the air ducts drops drastically and the atmospheric pressure acting on the walls of the air ducts force them to crumble, producing unusual noises. This is usually more pronounced in metal ducts.

Increasing the ability of the duct system to let in air will reduce the risks of the formation of a partial vacuum, something that will go a long way towards reducing the noise produced by the ducts. You can increase your duct system's capacity by increasing the number of air inlets serving your air conditioner. There is also the option of replacing your air ducts with wider ones. Cleaning clogged filters will also help improve airflow and will therefore reduce the severity of the noise.

Installing a blower fan control

The blower is usually able to suck in air and then push it out because of the rotating fan. The faster the fan rotates, the more sucking and pushing effect the blower will have. As a result, it is possible to reduce the rate at which the fan empties air from the ducts by simply slowing down the fan. Doing this will lower the drawing capacity of the blower to a level at which the duct systems can keep up. This will reduce the risks of partial vacuum formation, something that will then reduce the risks of ductwork getting crumbled and will essentially eliminate the banging noises.

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