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Commonly Asked Geothermal Heating Questions

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There is a great variety of heating systems that you can use for your home. Not surprisingly, many homeowners are poorly informed when it comes to some of the options that are available. More precisely, geothermal heating systems are fairly new, and you might benefit from having the following few questions about these systems addressed.

How Does A Residential Geothermal Heating System Work?

Many people assume that a geothermal heating system is only a valid option for homes that are near geothermal heat sources. However, it should be noted that this is not the case due to the fact that the temperature is extremely stable several feet below the surface. By extracting this heat, it is possible to circulate it through your home.

This is done through a series of pipes that are installed in the ground, and they circulate a heat absorbing fluid through them. A special device that is placed in the home will extract this heat from the fluid, which will allow it to warm the air in your home.

Will This System Require Supplementary Heat?

While a geothermal heat system can be an effective solution for keeping your home a stable range most of the time, during particularly cold times of the year, these systems may struggle to adequately heat your home. During these times, it may be worthwhile to have a secondary source of heat for these times.  

What Is Needed To Maintain A Geothermal Heating System?

You might be concerned about having this type of heating system installed because of concerns about the maintenance needs of these units. Luckily, a geothermal heating system will not require more care from the homeowner. Typically, these systems only require a professional servicing every couple of years. During these visits, the fluid that absorbs the heat will be tested to ensure it does not need to be changed, the primary heat exchanger will be cleaned and inspected for wear and tear. Failing to have these service visits performed can cause these systems to gradually lose effectiveness until they suffer a major malfunction. As a result, they are more than worth the minor inconveniences and expenses that are associated with these service visits.

Geothermal heat can be a great option for homeowners that are wanting an energy efficient heating option that is also environmentally friendly. By understanding how these systems work, the benefits of also installing a secondary heating system for extremely cold days and the maintenance needs of these systems, you will be better able to decide if this is a type of system that would be a good fit for your home heating needs.