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Common Duct Cleaning Questions Homeowners Often Need Answered

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There can be many different tasks that you might need to do over the course of owning your air conditioning system to keep it functioning as smoothly and effectively as possible. However, homeowners will often overlook the need to keep the ductwork clean. To help you better appreciate the importance of this maintenance, you should be mindful of the answers to these common questions about this part of maintaining a home's air conditioning system.

Are The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Worth The Expense?

Some homeowners will be tempted to skip cleaning the ducts because of the costs and inconvenience involved. While it is true that this type of maintenance will represent an investment in your system, it can be essential for keeping the air quality in your home high. For those that suffer from allergy issues, this expense can be a minor price to pay for ensuring that you are able to easily breathe.

How Are Ducts Cleaned?

The process of cleaning the ducting may seem like it will be an extremely difficult task. However, contractors that specialize in this type of work are able to use equipment that can easily clean the difficult to reach areas of the ducting. These devices usually use a power vacuum to remove any dust, dirt, pollen, or molds that may be in the duct. In instances where large amounts of mold are found in the ducting, the contractor will likely spray a sanitizing solution throughout the duct to neutralize any mold or spores that may have escaped the vacuum.

Can You Limit The Accumulation Of Dust And Dirt In The Ducting?

To help minimize the frequency with which you will need to have this work done, it is important for you to pay special attention to your system's filters. These filters are responsible for removing small particulate matter from the air as it enters the system. However, each air conditioning system has its own unique filter needs, and you should always use the correct filter for your unit. In addition to ensuring that the system extracts as much of the airborne particles as possible, this can also help to reduce wear on your system. This is because incorrect air filters can prevent the system from getting enough air to function correctly, which can greatly reduce the performance of the system. If you are unsure about the type of filters that are recommended for your system, you can review the owner's manual for your model air conditioning system.

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