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How To Install A New Blower Wheel In A Prepped Electric Furnace

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Your heating and air conditioning unit has a motorized fan that blows the heated air out of the furnace and through your house. The fan assembly contains the motor and a blower wheel that acts as the fan. If your furnace has stopped blowing out hot air and you narrowed the problem down to the blower wheel, your first step would be to remove the assembly from the furnace and pull out the old wheel.

If you already have the old wheel out, you can easily install the new wheel. You can also reverse the instruction order to uninstall the old wheel first. Have any questions or need assistance? Contact the best heating and air conditioning repair in your area or visit websites like http://www.pacaire.com.

What You Need:

  • New blower wheel
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket
  • Wrench
  • Zip tie

Step 1: Install the Wheel in the Assembly

Insert the new blower wheel into the spot in the assembly housing left open when you removed the old wheel. Make sure the open sides of the wheel are parallel to the open sides of the housing. Bend the edge of the housing down that was bent up to remove the wheel. Secure the mounting screws to secure the housing to the bracket.

Turn the assembly onto its side so that the blower wheel is facing up. Adjust the wheel so that the hole in the bottom of the wheel aligns with the hole in the housing. Slip the motor shaft of the blower motor through these holes. Align the motor's mounting brackets with the screw holes in the top of the assembly. Slide in the mounting screws and tighten with a socket to secure.

Turn the assembly back into its starting position. Look at the side opposite the motor for the set screw and make sure the screw hole and the motor shaft are still aligned correctly. Tighten the set screw with a wrench to secure.

Step 2: Install the Assembly Into the Furnace

Line up the blower assembly with the support rails within the lower access area of your furnace. Carefully lift and slide the assembly inwards, watching for sharp edges. Replace the support screws in the brackets holding the assembly to the furnace then tighten to secure.

Gather up the control board wires into a loose bundle and secure with a zip tie. Reconnect the thermostat wires to the appropriate terminals then tighten each screw to lock the wires in place. Reconnect the humidifier wires to the appropriate terminals then tighten the screws.

Place the lower access panel back on the furnace and tighten its retaining knobs to secure. Restore the power supply to your unit then conduct a test heat to make sure the furnace now operates correctly. If the unit still has issues, call in a heating services company.