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How to Remove the Draft Inducer on a Furnace That Starts Then Quickly Stops

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The draft inducer motor on a furnace helps promote the vital air circulation that keeps the combustion and heating processes operating properly. If the motor breaks, your unit will likely start rapid cycling.

Replacing the draft inducer motor doesn't take a lot of advanced knowledge but does take some time and effort. The first hurdle is getting the old draft inducer out of the furnace. If you have questions or qualms during the process, call a heating and cooling services company or appliance repairs service for help.

Step 1: Gain Access to the Draft Inducer Motor

You'll need a screwdriver and a socket for this project. Turn off the electric supply to the furnace at the shut-off switch or the main circuit breaker box. Locate the combustion panel on the back of the furnace. Twist the knobs that hold the panel in place and then pull down and out to remove the panel. Set the panel aside somewhere out of the way but still accessible. As you work, place any removed fasteners on the panel door for safe keeping and easy locating when it's time to put the unit back together.

Detach the drain hose and the lower pressure switch hose from the slots in the draft inducer motor housing. Just twist and pull to unhook the hoses and leave the hoses hanging within the unit as you finish working.

Locate the pressure switches on the side of the motor housing. Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws holding the switches in place.

Loosen the clamp to detach the exhaust vent pipe from the outlet port adapter. Pull the pipe up in its housing just far enough to get it out of the way so you can access the grounding wire and its mounting screw. Use your screwdriver to remove the screw and release the wire.

Step 2: Remove the Old Draft Inducer Motor

Head back to the draft inducer motor and locate the bundle of wires underneath. Unhook the wires from one another at the junction points. You won't need to remember the orientation of the wires as the hookup order will be easy to figure out when you install the new motor.

Use a socket to remove the mounting screws holding the draft inducer motor in place. Pull the assembly free of the furnace and discard the old draft inducer motor.

You can now install the new motor or close up your unit, leaving the electricity off, until you or a service tech like those from Augusta Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can install the new motor.