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How To Remove The Broken Blower Motor In Your Furnace

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The blower motor in your furnace powers a fan that helps circulate air through both the HVAC unit and your home. If the motor goes out, your furnace will likely stop working. You will need to work through some troubleshooting to make sure the motor is the problem. But if you have narrowed the cause down to the motor, the replacement process only requires a few tools essential tools and some time.

Uninstalling the old motor is the first course of action. Work slowly and organize your fasteners and wires to make installation of the new motor easier when you get to that stage. Don't feel confident performing this task yourself? Call a home heating installation company to conduct the removal and installation. 

What You Need:

•    Socket

•    Insulated screwdriver

•    Pliers

•    Digital camera

•    Adjustable wrench

Step 1: Prepare the Area Around the Motor

Turn off the power supply to the furnace by using the shut-off switch, turning off the main breaker, or just unplugging the unit. Locate the upper access panel on the rear of the furnace. Twist the knobs on the panel door to loosen it, and then pull down on the door to remove it. Use a socket to unthread the fasteners that hold the lower access panel in place. Lift up to remove and set the lower panel door with the upper door.

Discharge the run capacitor inside the lower panel because the capacitor holds an electrical charge even when the power supply is turned off. Hold an insulated screwdriver across the terminal ends of the capacitor for several moments to drain the current. Unhook the wires from the capacitor terminals.

Take a picture of the thermostat control wires for easy reference on the wire orientation. Loosen the mounting screw holding the wires in place on the control board, and then pull the wires free to move out of your way. Repeat the picture and unhooking process with the blower motor wires; note that these wires will pull out of the board individually rather than as a bundle. Use pliers to help you pull out the wires if you're having trouble.

Locate the control board wires bundled together with a zip tie. Use your pliers to cut the zip tie and release the wires. Use the socket to release the mounting screws holding the control board panel in place. Slide the panel forward and out of the unit; note that there are still wires attached so you can't fully remove the panel but rather want to let it dangle outside the unit out of the way until you're done working.

Step 2: Remove the Motor

Locate the blower motor mounting rails. Remove the mounting screws for each rail using a socket. Slide the blower assembly out of the furnace slowly due to the weight of the part.

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the set screw holding the blower wheel onto the motor shaft. Tip the assembly onto its side with the motor facing up. Use the socket to remove the screw holding the grounding wire in place. Cut the zip tie holding the motor wires in a bundle.

Use a socket to unthread the blower motor mounting bolts. Note the orientation of the old motor then lift it off of the blower housing. Discard the old motor. If you need help, contact a company like Advance Care Heating & AC LLC for assistance.