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How to Install a New Blower Motor into a Prepped Furnace

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The furnace blower motor ensures the motorized fan can promote air circulation that keeps the unit working properly to heat your home. A breaking or broken motor can cause your furnace to behave erratically, lose efficiency, and then finally stop working. You should narrow the problem to ensure you don't instead have a broken capacitor or another such problem, but you can then settle on the motor being the issue.

If you have already removed the broken blower motor from your furnace and motor assembly, installing the new motor isn't hard. Follow these instructions backward if you still need to remove the original motor. Feel overwhelmed at all of the steps and instructions? Call a furnace repair company such as Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for help.

Things You Need:

•    New blower motor

•    Screwdriver

•    Zip ties

•    Wrench

•    Pliers

Step 1: Install Motor in the Assembly

Make sure the electrical supply for the furnace is turned off at the breaker and that your blower assembly is sitting flat on the floor with the motor cavity facing upward. Remove the access panel door from the furnace if you didn't leave it off after removing the motor assembly.

Insert the new motor into the motor cavity. The shaft will slip down into the hole in the blower-wheel cavity. Align the sides of the motor in the same orientation as the original motor. You can use the mounting screw holes in the motor brackets and on the assembly for help in lining the motor up correctly. Insert the mounting screws through those matched-up holes and tighten with a screwdriver.

Gather up the motor wires into a loose bundle and secure together using a zip tie. Secure the grounding wire from the motor to the housing using its mounting screw.

Step 2: Return Assembly to Furnace

Turn the assembly back to its upright position, which means that the motor is now facing the rear. Use a wrench to tighten the set screw on the side of the assembly now facing you.

Realign the blower-assembly mounting rails with the slots on the top of its area within the furnace. Work slowly and cautiously to make sure the weighty assembly slides into the slots correctly. Fasten the mounting screws to secure the rails in place.

Reposition the control board panel on the support in front of the blower assembly. Fasten its screws to secure the board in place. Attach the blower-motor wires to the appropriate terminals on the control board; the wire ends should simply snap into the terminals, but you can use pliers to make the snapping easier.

Reconnect each run-capacitor wire to the appropriate terminal of the device in front of the control board. Reconnect the thermostat wires, if you had to disconnect them in the first place. Gather up the control-board wires into a loose bundle and zip tie together.

Replace the lower access panel and tighten its fasteners, and then slide on the upper access panel and twist the fasteners to secure. Restore electrical supply to your furnace and conduct a test run to see whether the problem has been corrected.