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When Should You Hire A Contractor To Repipe Your Home?

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Homeowners rely on contractors for a wide range of large and small plumbing projects. While replacing a water heater or installing a new furnace can be a significant job, they pale compared to repiping an entire home. Completely replacing the plumbing in your home is a big step and an even bigger project, but it's sometimes the more cost-effective option compared to repeated and costly repairs.

However, it's important to understand when repiping is the best option for your home and recognize the signs that you may be spending more on repairs than necessary. Although consulting with an experienced plumbing contractor is the best way to know for sure, these three signs can indicate that it may be time to evaluate your home's plumbing.

1. You Have Leaky Copper Piping

Any pipes can leak, and leaks from joints may not indicate a wider problem. However, pinhole leaks appearing in the main runs of copper piping are usually a more substantial issue. These leaks develop due to corrosion, and it's relatively rare for this corrosion only to affect one or two pipes. The odds are good that if you have one pinhole copper leak, you will soon have more.

If your home has this issue, you should consider hiring a contractor to evaluate your plumbing and make a bid on repiping your home. Although installing all-new plumbing will cost more upfront, it will be cheaper than fixing many leaks and potentially suffering severe water damage.

2. You Have Severe Water Quality Issues

If you're noticing an unusual taste, smell, or appearance in your water, your first step should always be a thorough water quality test. While many minerals and chemicals are present in nearly all water and harmless, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or even copper can be dangerous in sufficient quantities. A water quality test will reveal the presence of these contaminants and more.

While not all water quality issues originate in your home's plumbing, many may result from old, worn-out, or corroding plumbing. If your current pipes are hazardous to your family's health, it's time to start planning for a whole-home repiping.

3. You Have Significant Water Pressure Problems

As with other issues on this list, water pressure problems don't necessarily point to an issue with your home's pipes. However, old supply pipes can corrode or even become choked with scale. Just as when a drain clogs, a supply pipe choked off with contamination can significantly affect your plumbing. If the problem is severe enough, you may notice a much lower volume of water reaching your fixtures.

Don't assume that water pressure issues mean it's time for entirely new plumbing, but it's a potential cause worth considering if your home has very old plumbing or very hard water. A professional plumber can help you evaluate the situation and determine if new plumbing is necessary to restore your home's water pressure. 

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