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How To Clean Your Furnace

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The furnace is a central appliance. If your unit is not functioning properly, you will be losing a lot of money through increased utility bills. With some basic furnace maintenance you can increase the efficiency of your unit and save some money in the process. This article explains some simple DIY furnace cleaning jobs. Even if you aren't an HVAC professional, you will be able to do these jobs with tools you probably already have around the house.

Opening up the Furnace

Before you do any work on the inside of your furnace cabinet, you need to safely open it up. To do this you need to turn off the power and the gas. First, turn off the thermostat. Then, open the furnace access panel. On some units you will need a screwdriver to remove this panel. Once you have the furnace open you should be able to spot the gas control knob. This knob should be clearly marked, so you will be able to figure out how to turn it to the OFF position. Once the gas is off you need to shut off the power main to the unit. This usually needs to be done by hitting the designated breaker switch.

Clean the Pump

The furnace pump is a small box that powers the airflow. This part has some vents that are prone to getting clogged. Use a hose vacuum to suck an dust build up out of the vents. Don't just wipe them down with a rag because this could actually push the dust into the pump.

Clean the Output Hose

From the inside of the furnace cabinet you will be able to see the hose where the air is pumped out of the unit and into your ducts. Check for any clogs or dust build up at this critical juncture. Use the hose vacuum to suck out any blockages.

Replace the Filter

The filter will be clearly marked and easy to find. Just take it out of the slot and replace it if it is dirty. You can take your dirty filter to the store with you when you go to buy the replacement. This way you be sure that it fits perfectly.

These 3 simple and quick cleaning jobs will certainly help your unit perform better. You will probably spend more time powering the unit off and back on than you will on actually cleaning it. Don't hesitate to reach out to a professional, such as Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing, for other maintenance jobs, however.